What is G.A.I.N.?

The Goal-Driven Alcohol/Drug Intervention Network (G.A.I.N.) is an evidenced-based program that utilizes a harm reduction approach to substance use with students. The goal of G.A.I.N. is to reduce substance use and negative consequences associated with it.  

Students who violate MSU's drug code of conduct are referred to the G.A.I.N. program. Students who have not violated this policy, but are interested in learning more about their substance use are highly encouraged to reach out. 

G.A.I.N. facilitators aim to conduct sessions in an environment that is non-judgmental and inclusive to facilitate sincere conversations about a students substance use. G.A.I.N. also strives to meet the student where they are currently at with their substance use. 


How to Schedule a G.A.I.N. Appointment 

Sign Up for an appointment

Students and/or student organizations can also reach out to G.A.I.N email at gain@saffairs.msstate.edu to setup an appointment. 

Appointments are being conducted via virtual and in-person options at this time. 



How Can It Benefit Me?

By participating in G.A.I.N., students can learn: 

  • How to calculate personal Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) 
  • Harm reduction tips  
  • Discuss money spent per year 
  • How to identify risky substance use patterns 
  • Practical information about alcohol and/or cannabis use
  • How to make responsible choices in social situations 
  • Recognize triggers to use substance  
  • Helpful coping strategies 
  • Assist in identifying useful resources on campus


Time Commitment 

Participating in GAIN requires 2 appointments, with each lasting approximately 30-60 minutes. Students during their first meeting will be required to complete the necessary forms to assess their current substance use and go further over program details about G.A.I.N. During the second session, students and the G.A.I.N facilitator will discuss their results, potential strategies to decrease use, and anything else the student would like to cover. 



There is no charge associated with participating in G.A.I.N. for both students who are referred or who are self-referred. 


Confidentiality and Privacy 

Your appointment and information shared is completely confidential and will not be shared with anyone.