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Health Promotion & Wellness

Creating a Healthy State

at Mississippi State University


The Goal-Driven Alcohol/Drug Intervention Network (G.A.I.N.) uses a harm reduction approach to substance use. The goal of G.A.I.N. is to reduce substance use and negative consequences associated with it.  

It is a research program designed for any student who wants to learn more about their substance use habits and avoid/reduce possible negative consequences. Any student who that uses alcohol and other drugs can benefit from participating in G.A.I.N.
Students can learn: 

  • How to calculate personal Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) 
  • Harm reduction tips 
  • How many calories are consumed when drinking (based on personal drink preferences) 
  • Approximately how much money they spend on alcohol per year 
  • How to identify high-risk drinking patterns 
  • Practical information about alcohol consumption 
  • How to make responsible choices in social situations 
  • Recognize triggers to use substance  
  • Coping strategies 

Participating in GAIN requires 2 appointments, with each lasting about 30 (new- 30-60) minutes. Interested students should first email to schedule an appointment. The GAIN team will set up a time to meet for Part I, where the student will complete a brief assessment and meet up with the GAIN facilitator. Following completion of Part I, the GAIN team set up a Part II meeting (generally a week later) for the student to return and discuss their results, and how the student would like to move forward with their substance use habits.  

If you would like to schedule a GAIN appointment, please email