Sexual Health

The Health Promotion & Wellness Department provides comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education for students. 

Additionally, HPW provides sexually transmitted infection screenings for students. Many sexually transmitted infections have no signs or symptoms (asymptomatic). Even with no symptoms, however, an infection can spread to a sexual partner. It is important if you choose to be sexually active, you also chooses to be sexually responsible. Condoms are provided for free, but the only 100% effective way to prevent unplanned pregnancies or sexually transmitted infections is total abstinence from oral, vaginal, and anal sexual contact.


Contraception helps prevent pregnancy when used or taken correctly. For those interested in using contraception, an assessment of lifestyle, beliefs, concerns and risk factors need to be determined before deciding which method of contraception is best. Many contraceptive options are available. Speak to your health care provider about what option(s) may be best for you. Condoms are the only form of contraception that help protect against sexual transmitted infections and unintended pregnancy.